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Be The Alikes – Press release

Social tech project – now live on Kickstarter – unlocks new emotive networks

You can recreate old and capture new micro moments with the ‘Be The Alikes’ app and social site. But there is more to this than meets the eye.

The Netherlands, August 4th 2015 – “Highlight life” “Fill a treasure box with personal micro moments. Recreate the old & capture new micro moments. Share & find a deeper social connection.” The introduction to this just launched project Be The Alikes promises you a shiny online preservation location for your micro moments. But beware. We are not talking about beauty ruled by status here. And we are not talking traditional social (homogene) networking either. This project aims to root up the online social world by shaking up human connectedness. Sounds ambitious? Yes, but the story behind it might inspire you.

This story originated some 10 years ago. There is this young woman – who turns out to be the founder – who experiences a radical shift in perspective. The search for beauty in life led her to the other side of the world. There she connected with people at random. And realized that beauty was there with her all along. She just never looked. This opened up a new empowering reality to her old mundane life.

These short but intense experiences of beauty, or as she named it micro moments, were never caught on camera. Tech today allows us to capture these moments. The (to be build) Be The Alikes app will guide you – with a few simple rules – in recreating those old moments and support you capturing the new. These images will solely contain a symbol of the moment combined with an ultra short script. There will be no social – or esthetic pressure in selecting your object or styling the image. All it needs to represent is the micro moment as pure as you experienced it.

Be The Alikes_front

Then there is more. You as an Alike can choose to share your private micro moments with the world. This time you will not share within your regular (homogene) social network. This time you will 1 on 1 link with Alikes connected to you through your specific micro moment codes. Your network will expand in a deep and meaningful way and very probably cross old social borders. The Alikes network will remain totally fluid and will not attempt to label categories or groups. So human connections wil remain flowing. Just as our lives are ever evolving.

You can read the complete background story on The project is live as of now and ready to welcome the first social innovators to get this fluorescent wave rolling.

About Kinship / The Alikes
Kinship believes that groups and labels do not define who we are any more. Today we seek the alike people that inspire us. These alike connections can last for years or seconds. That is the beauty. Kinship is about niche communication as a rule. Kinship is about linking to our roots to understand our present. Kinship is the mother organization of the Be The Alikes project, including a social site & app for (re)creating, storing and sharing micro moments for you to highlight life.

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