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Be The Alikes – The story

This story is about something or someone being there all along. Somehow we never looked. Until now. And now we can’t stop highlighting all things beautiful.

She did not want to be in this country, village or street even. She did not see the function of rain. The green leaved trees ‘disgustingly’ normal. And why did people drive on the right hand side. Why?! She could go on with a list of silly complaints about the place she was in. And simultaniously produce a list tripple the size with reasons to leave this area and move to a sunny spot where trees had not so much leaves and her feet would finally meet earth dry and red.

The longing_micro moment
You know what. She discovered she is not alone. Many of us experience this dédain towards our ordinary life. Comparing our mundane life to standards beyond our reach. And many of us realize after time passes – including the happy and sad life experiences – that our world isn’t that bad. Even pretty great. Many of us rediscover the beauty of our lives in due time.

She did travel to the place with sun and red earth. Met people at random and discovered along the way that the experience of life was very much alike. It just depended on the way you looked at it. When she took away the material bagage and the stereotypes she saw how she connected with her so called social opposites. Just by sharing her love for the sound of the ocean, reminding her of her own powerful moments growing up.

Tiebreak_micro moment
She did decide to move back home. And lived her old life in a new way. Now appreciating the ordinary things again. Seeing beauty in minor details and rediscovering old glorious experiences along the roads traveled so often.

As these moments were never captured on camera, she kept a mental photo album to hold on to her personal micro moments. On days it wasn’t that easy to see the beauty in life. Something seemingly irrelevant could trigger a old micro moment and shine beauty on her life now. Lifting her up.

She tried to capture her micro moments by photografing this trigger as a symbol of the beauty of her life. And by adding a few words she made her micro moment complete to hold and treasure.

You might have guessed. This girl is me. I am Jennifer van de Pavert and founder of The Alikes. These days our phones provide us the opportunity to recreate our old micro moments and to capture the new as we go. The web allows us to share our treasures and connect with Alikes beyond old social limitations. Making the beauty of life shine anytime anywhere. We are all allowed our ideals huh 😉

Be The Alikes_front
So here is it. A fresh design of the social site The Alikes and the app where you can create and store your treasured micro moments. And you decide if and when you feel like sharing and connecting with other Alikes. A young and very enthusiastic technical and creative team are raring to go and get the tools build and ready for you to use as soon as possible!

If you are a backer of this project, you will get early access to the tools to create your own treasure box filled with all things truely beautiful to you. Plus this social site will allow you the chance to connect with other Alikes outside your social logical world on a deeper level. And provide the chance for an eye opening experience.

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